Our Founders: Circa 1947

2000 - 2009 Operating Staff
  • Jo Bob Dinglewood - Associate vice chairman of the Southeast Texas Conservative Democratic Republicans for Anal Cranial Extraction, Editor
  • Rebeca Ann Kizmahazz - Human Resources Director
  • James "M.C. Shiz" Spliff - Letters and Technical assistance.
  • Carrie Micote (AKA Drunk Frat Chik) - Cartoonist, Party and Entertainment Director.
  • Middleton Finger - Media Realtions, Fantastic Funk Freedom Federation (FFFF)
  • Mrs. Ineda Lieff and the ladies of the quilting guild of the First Pentecostal Church of Rose City - Web services, bed covers, gossip and political consulting.
  • El Crappel Internta~ - Outsourced Internet and Web Services

  • Dr. Eugene Dingus Pong - AKA Evil Dr. Pong, future Mayor Of Beaumont - Democratic Party, League of Everyday Evil (LEE)
  • Billy Bob and Bobby Bill Pong - AKA The Wonder Twins, League of Everyday Evil (LEE), Bothers of Dr. Pong and founders of L.E.E.
  • Delta DeQueen - future Mayor Of Beaumont (Write-in Candidate) - Repulican Party, League of Everyday Evil (LEE)
  • Moldy Cheese - Touring lounge singer and political ultraconservative, League of Everyday Evil (LEE)
  • Moldy Bob Cheesepants - Son of Moldy Cheese and Cartoon Child Icon, League of Everyday Evil (LEE)
  • Red E. Kilowhat - L.E.E. Utility Regulation Commission (FFFF & LEE)
  • Pat McCann - Professional Spokesmodel and Spokesperson for League of Everyday Evil (LEE)
  • Rob Emblind - L.E.E. Republican Party Chairman, Former Insider Trader
  • Don Keyhead - L.E.E. Democratic Party Chairman, Former Stalker
  • Wu J. Pong - Estranged Son of Dr. Pong
  • Hunted S. Carl - Poet and Philosopher
  • Carl Pong, Jr. - Sales Account Executive and Entrepreneur (FFFF & LEE)
  • Professor Juan Hognutt - Mexican Cultural Consultant (LEE)
  • Dr. Agupta Rimma - Vice Chairman of the League of Everyday Evil (LEE)
  • Prof. Daye Trippa - AKA Mr.Tripps, Special Forces League of Everyday Evil (LEE)
  • Gilby Pong - AKA Pong, Jr., Marketing Consutant League of Everyday Evil (LEE), Age 11
  • G. Opie - Regional Rep of the Fantastic Funk Freedom Federation (FFFF)
  • Heilmut Von Birdie - Editorial Commentator (FFFF)
  • Doug Crappe - Vice Chairman of the Fantastic Funk Freedom Federation (FFFF)

    Interns and Weekend Staff
  • Celia Fate
  • Ella Mentry
  • Guy Denlite
  • Joanna Daince
  • Connie Lingus
  • Phil Lashieaux
  • Buck Nakkid (no realtion but a big fan)

    The Brief But Dubiously Boring History of
    The League of Everyday Evil

    In 1947, Bobby Bill Pong was arrested for lewd and disorderly conduct with a street lamp in Fred, Texas. His brother Billy Bob, friend of Deputy Sheriff Ricky “Red” Fatboil, came down to the jail to bail him out and in turn, was arrested himself on charges of aiding and abetting a criminal (namely his brother). The brothers swore that night that this town was an unfair place to live, where the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and scandals were swept under the rug with a blink of an eye. With Billy’s one phone call, he called Deputy Fatboil. The next day they were released from jail and started working toward a way to run this town from the inside. Within weeks, They had gotten in contact with their older brother Eugene, who had the cash flow to start buying the town one election at a time and that is exactly what they did. Within a span of eleven years of forming the League of Everyday Evil, their influence had begun to spread past the Fred, Texas city limits, outward toward the sprawl of Hardin and Jefferson Counties. Today, L.E.E. has agents and operatives all over Southeast Texas, North Texas, and West Louisiana with controlling interests in media, government, propaganda, fruit, t-shirt, and souvenir sales. They work in secret, their influence is powerful, and their number is growing hourly.

    The Fantastic Funk Freedom Federation (FFFF) was not so lucky. Started in 1965 at the first signs of the peace and civil rights movements, it was organized to give alternative voice to the hippies and beatniks that had found refuge in the cities of Port Arthur, Groves, and Port Neches. Having had a great many battles with the police and other authority figures, the group became a conservative anti-government stronghold. Their one weakness was influence over the current office holding powers. The organization splintered in the mid 70’s with a smaller sect infiltrating the “Loyal Order of the Kootie” out of Port Neches and a continuation of the Federation. Today, they are an underground Consultant and Investigative organization.

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