There was a time when membership to the League of Everyday Evil was limited to a select few hand picked individuals, but that was then. There is a new day dawning, a new regime has taken hold long live the House of Dinglewood. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join the league and membership is as easy as scrubbing a cat. Simple follow these easy directions and let the world know of your friendly, non-lethal intentions.

How to Join the League of Everyday Evil Underground

1. Click and print the certificate to your left, preferably on your printer at work, saving yourself precious ink from your home computer.

2. Fill it out and proudly display it on the wall of your choice, framing is optional.

3. Leave a check in the amount of $249.89 in the third trash can closest to the doors of city hall in downtown Beaumont, Texas.

4. Encourage others to do the same.

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